2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 

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OurCrowd Pre-Summit Leaders Forum

Pre-Summit Investor Track

Pre-Summit Corporate Track

Pre-Summit Combined Investor and Corporate Track

Pre-Summit Roundtables 

OurCrowd Gala Dinner

Summit Day 

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Summit Day – Opening Plenary

  1. Opening Welcome to the Summit 
  2. Greetings from the Mayor of Jerusalem 
  3. State of the Crowd: Israel, Tech, and Startups 
  4. Impact Video: Addressing Global Challenges with Technology
  5. State of the Crowd: Making a Global Impact 
  6. OurCrowd Video: Investing in Life 
  7. Natural Disasters: Startups Making a Global Impact 
  8. Human Disabilities: Startups Making a Global Impact
  9. Ecosphere in Crisis: Startups Making a Global Impact 
  10. Modern Plagues: Startups Making a Global Impact 
  11. Investment Spotlight (1/3) 
  12. Summit Preview

Summit Day – Mid-Day Plenary

  1. Creating the Impact Nation
  2. Top 10 Tech Impact Trends
  3. Investment Spotlight (2/3)
  4. Kira Radinsky: Using Data To Fix the World
  5. News Announced Onstage

Summit Day – Closing Plenary

  1. Investment Spotlight (3/3)
  2. John Tabis: Delivering Love and Sustainability via Flowers
  3. Nas Daily: Hope is a Global Thing 
  4. Gigi Levy: The Network Effect 
  5. Prof. Daniel Kahneman: Art & Science of Decision Making
  6. Presentation of the OurCrowd Maimonides Award
  7. Making an Impact on Tomorrow 

Summit Day- Breakout Sessions

"Eat the Sharks"

"Cybersecurity in a Connected World"

"Supporting Arab Entrepreneurship"

"The Cannabis Revolution"

"Pitch the Press"

"AI Changes Everything"

"The Great Tech Debates"

"Will the Next Google Come from Mombasa?"

"Case Studies in MedTech and Digital Health"

"Demo Theater"

"Wiring the World for Transportation"

"What Next in E-commerce"

"Rise of the B2B Blockchain"

"Reinventing Food"

"Fund Managers Get Tested"

Summit Day – OurCrowd University

  1. Startup Investing Bootcamp
  2. Follow-on Investing in Good Times and Bad
  3. Branding and Vlogging with Nas Daily & HilzFuld

Summit Day- Impact Master Classes

"Impact Bootcamp"

"Successful Impact Investors Tell All"

"How To Make an Impact with Your Company"

Summit Day - Meet the Startups

Summit Day - Open Mic


“You should not read about Israel. You should come here, feel it and touch it”

Jack Ma, Alibaba

OurCrowd provides delegations the opportunity to join one of the leading tech events in the world. Representatives of over 90 countries will gather in the Innovation Nation for a week of activities. The interactive programming featuring cutting-edge technologies, valuable insight and exclusive access to top portfolio companies is ideal for large groups. OurCrowd also provides delegations with a special simplified registration process, discounted hotel prices and parking.

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