Cybersecurity & Insecurity

The New World of COVID-19

As organizations increasingly move their business processes online, threats to data and privacy have exploded. Experts from some of the leading cybersecurity companies in the world explore the challenges for organizations protecting themselves and their clients from attack.

With insights from Sixgill, Morphisec, Perception Point, ITsMine, and Hubsecurity, this is an essential webinar for CISOs and anyone interested in the state of the art and what’s next.

Alon Roitman, Business Development Analyst, OurCrowd
Ido Helshtock, Chief Product Officer, HUB Security
Andrew Homer, Vice President, Strategic Alliances at iboss
Omer Carmi, Vice President of Threat Intelligence, Cyber Sixgill
Jonathan Levy, Head of Sales and Business Development, Perception Point
Kfir Kimhi, CEO, ITsMine

May 14, 2020

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