Investing in FoodTech: Making Tomorrow’s Meals

As climate change reshapes planet Earth literally from the ground up, sustainability has become mankind’s most important goal. Nowhere is this more crucial than with our food supplies which are dwindling and unable to feed the rapidly growing population. Now is the time for tech to step up and create alternative sources of nourishment without further damaging the fragile ecosystem. Join us as we host FoodTech CEOs and business leaders who will reveal what you might be consuming at the dinner table in the not-so-distant future.

Speakers: Laura Flanagan, CEO, Ripple, Yuval Klein, Co-Founder & CEO, BlueTree Technologies., Dr. Lara Ramdin, Chief Innovation Officer, Dole Sunshine Company, Host: Allie Feuerstein, Director of New Business, International, Investor Relations.

July 25, 2022