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Bringing lung-function testing to the desktop

PulmOne developed an FDA & CE approved desktop device for the measurement of lung volumes that is transforming the diagnosis and identification of lung diseases. Empowering community based physicians to use complete lung function testing in their offices instead of hospitals, PulOne enables a cheaper, faster and more efficient diagnosis, as well as a better patient experience.  PulmOne’s device is already generating commercial orders from leading European distributors.

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February 13 | Jerusalem, Israel


Identifying users across devices to improve ROI for digital advertising

Crosswise developed an advanced Big Data analytics technology that identifies online users across their multiple devices, improving ROI for the rapidly growing digital advertising market. Since our last investment in Crosswise, the company has completed development of the product, deployed the product in numerous beta sites, and recently, signed two six-figure paying contract. We are joined in this round by top VCs, Horizons Ventures (Li Ka shing) and Giza Ventures. 

Robotic vision system for laparoscopic surgery

MST developed an advanced video-based laparoscope positioning robotic system for the multi-billion dollar laparoscopic surgery market. Rapid development of the AutoLap system has attracted leading clinical experts in the field of laparoscopic surgery as well as leading investors in the field of life sciences.

Avi Lazar, CEO


Innovative technology bringing lung-function testing to the desktop

Steve Glanz, CEO


Mapping users across devices to improve ROI for digital advertising

Moti Frimer, CEO


Robotic vision system for laparoscopic surgery

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